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We build (some of) it for you to enjoy.

Our Goal.

For over 10 years, StampIT’s team has served different sized companies from all across the GTA. The main mission and goal of StampIT is to help companies of all sizes get their IT goals in check so they can focus on their main business goals.

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Connect directly with your customers. Work with them one on one.


Reach farther than you thought before. It’s easier than it seems.


Make a bond that lasts a lifetime. We’ll show you how it’s done.


Simplicity gives way to creativity. We make it easy as cake.


Never worry about another deadline. Really. We’re that good.


We go where no man has gone before. It’s about the small stuff.


Curious about what we’re good at? Be curious no more! Check out the skill chart below to see exactly what we rock at (we promise we’re telling the truth).

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IT Services

Network Design

We can help organizations of all sizes get their network and infrastructure needs in check. Whether you are looking to expand to a new location or expanding in the same building our team of technicians would be happy to turn your IT visions into reality.  By creating easily understandable documents we will work with your business goals and design and implement an IT system that works togethers to maximize your efficiency.

Cloud Services

From the early days of IT, servers and servers room have always been a huge investment both to purchase the equipment as well as store and run it in your office. With StampIT Cloud services you don’t have to worry about the upfront purchase of servers as well as a place to store and run the servers in your office.  We take care of the setup and implementation of the servers from start to finish so that you can focus on your business goals.

VOIP Services

Voice over Internet Protocol is a phone service that utilizes the internet to make and receive phone calls. VoIP converts analog voice signals and converts them into real time digital packets for crisp clear communication.  The VoIP system can be used from virtually anywhere as long as there is a consistent internet connection.  You can use a hardwired phone or even talk from your mobile device such as a mobile device or tablet and even from a laptop computer.

Offsite Backup

Natural disasters can strike at any time, will you be prepared if something happens to your data. WIth our offsite backup we will backup your information nightly to ensure that there is always a backup in case disaster strikes.  Whether it is a server failure or a natural disaster you can rest assured that your business data will be safe and secured in our offsite facility.

Web/Logo Design and Hosting

Creating a website from scratch can seem like an exhausting and frustrating task but it doesn’t have to be. With our team of designers and developer we can take the stress out of creating a website.

Technical Support

We offer a full range of technical support options from onsite support to remote support. Our helpdesk is always available to answer your questions via phone, email or text to ensure that you and your employees are always up and running so they are able to focus on their jobs.

Office Services

AV/Boardroom Setup and Installation

Proper boardroom setup is extremely important when meeting with clients in your office. Having the appropriate projectors or TVs can make the difference between delivering a great presentation and delivering an OK one.  Along with the installation of a projector/TV we can also install automated blinds and lighting, audio conference units, tablet inputs for ethernet and VGA.

Wire Pulling

If you are expanding your current location or moving into a new location we can take care of all the wire pulling so you don’t have to. We can run all the wires neatly from your computer room (LAN Room) to the desks to make sure all your devices are up and running smoothly.

Equipment Rentals

If you are in need of equipment for short term or long term use we have you covered. From laptops, desktops, tablets projectors or any other equipment you may need we will drop off set up and pick up the equipment when you are done using it.

Security Camera Installation

The safety and security of property is one of the most important concerns in life. We can install a security system that will provide you with 24/7 ease of mind that your property is safe and secure.

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